Civil society

Supporting local organizations and civil society actors is one of IMPACT’s core missions. IMPACT continuously documents and analyzes the Syrian civil society landscape with the ultimate aim of aiding this work.

Invisible Sanctions: How over-compliance limits humanitarian work on Syria

Humanitarian work in Syria is limited by complex, bureaucratic financial systems that prevent the necessary funds from entering the country. Any mention of Syria is a red flag for banks with small CSOs on the front lines paying the price of over-compliance. This research paper outlines the invisible sanctions that inhibit humanitarian work in Syria, with recommendations for improving the system.

Mapping of Civil Society Organizations in Deir Ezzor

This study aims to shed a light on the status quo of civic work in Deir Ezzor considering the recent changes on the political and military level, provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing civil society, and provide recommendations for all actors currently operating or planning to expand their work to the area.

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