Privacy Policy

Data security and discretion are top priorities at IMPACT Research. IMPACT works according to strict privacy policies to ensure the security of field team members and all relevant stakeholders.

What steps have we taken to guarantee data security?

Data sharing and communication both internally and between teams takes place over secure, encrypted platforms. 

Communication with field team members (including enumerators) is in most cases restricted to the direct supervisor. Connections and communication lines between field teams across regions are limited.

Only information directly concerning staff members’ work is shared, including information on the type, size, and scope of projects, and partners’ information. Soft copies of all data and documents are stored on a remote encrypted server with restricted access.

Data collection & safeguarding

Participants in our research projects reserve the right to remain anonymous. IMPACT will not share any personal information, written or otherwise, without the explicit consent of those involved. IMPACT regularly reaches out to its contributors to confirm their continued consent.

Owner and Data Controller

IMPACT- Civil Society Research and Development e.V.
Keithstraße 10
Berlin 10787

Owner contact email: [email protected]

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