In a dynamic, hostile landscape, documentation of the civil environment is crucial to effective operation. IMPACT has continously mapped the civil society landscape in Syria since 2015. Our mapping project aims to facilitate connections between international stakeholders and local CSOs, connect organizations on the ground, and identify trends in the environment. IMPACT also maps the Syrian CSO landscape internationally, with projects undertaken in neighboring countries and Germany.

Syrian civil society: Reality and Challenges – Mapping Phase II

This report is phase two of Citizens for Syria’s research which aims to map and understand Syrian civil society and its’ organizations. This report will demonstrate the situation of civil society organizations in three regions, while attempting to mine a vital sector in the structure of Syrian civil society as a whole, as well as examine its fields of activity and the challenges it faces.

Mapping Civil Society in Syria – Phase I

In this report, Citizens for Syria conducted a grassroots survey of all Syrian regions and neighboring countries to paint a picture of the Syrian civil movement and its activities. The research indicated that humanitarian, media, and civil organizations formed most organizations, followed by human resource development, health, research, and others specializing in social services, human rights, culture, and arts.

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