Local knowledge, global impact

IMPACT Research is the research and peacebuilding department of IMPACT – Civil Society Research and Development e.V. Developed within IMPACT, the department is strengthened by external expert researchers. IMPACT Research focuses on knowledge production and creating spaces for dialogue between different actors. A growing unit, the department preserves IMPACT CSRD’s theory of change as well as its legal framework, bringing its core values to new projects.

IMPACT Research has developed an independent strategy for a targeted audience with fresh areas of focus. The department will engage new partners and wider stakeholders on themes that have not yet been within the scope of IMPACT-CSRD. IMPACT Research inherited a vast network of trained field researchers and includes many academics and domain experts.

Producing extensive research collections, policy papers, briefs, and background papers, IMPACT Research is a laboratory for new ideas, initiatives, and perspectives. Investigating political and economic issues in the Middle East and the wider globe, the unit has a particular focus on Syria. Foundational topics in peacebuilding efforts including economy, governance, sub-national actors, and security issues will all be part of IMPACT Research’s portfolio, while civil society-oriented research continues.

As well as classical measures such as publishing papers, IMPACT Research uses innovative knowledge production methods such as curating spaces for dialogue through workshops and meetings and testing new methodologies. The department is also in the early stages of expanding into new media methods.

IMPACT Research aims to inform policy and decision-making globally with a special focus on local actors as drivers of changes. Our research is thus not only directed to official decision-makers but looks into influencers on all levels, such as civil society, business, and community leaders. To that end, IMPACT publishes in different languages in addition to English where applicable and makes the effort to reach out to these actors with the results of research projects and recommendations.

Transparency and accuracy are at the core of IMPACT Research’s work. We are committed to producing candid, non-partisan research that does not compromise the safety of our sources. Various technical tools are employed to ensure our research remains up-to-date, factual, and secure.

IMPACT - Civil Society Research and Development e.V.

IMPACT CSRD is a non-profit organization founded in Berlin in 2013 with offices in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Civil society support is the core of IMPACT’s mission through long-term and balanced support to individuals and organizations in conflict and non-conflict countries. IMPACT’s main areas of intervention are capacity building, research, peacebuilding, and diaspora engagement

Our unit is built from a diverse network of trained field researchers, policy analysts, and remote researchers. Complementing IMPACT’s numerous applied programs, we continuously publish informative papers on a diverse range of relevant topics.

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