Ruba Ghanem

Ruba Ghanem

Ms. Ruba Ghanem is the Exuctive Director of NORDMOND Dynamics -Dignity in Community. Ms. Ghanem is a senior gender and management advisor with extensive experience in the Arab region (Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, and Bahrain) and in different managerial positions. 

Ms. Ghanem has worked with different United Nations (UN) organizations (WFP, FAO, WHO, UNAIDS) in numerous capacities as Project manager.

Ms. Ghanem has also worked as a gender and management consultant for different European Union (EU) Projects as well as GTZ Projects in Syria.

Ms. Ghanem also served in different technical committees in Syrian women organization. She is expert in women political empowerment.

Ms. Ghanem is also a cofounder of Jozour Organization for Building the Syrian Civil organizations that was established in 2012. 

Ms. Ghanem participated in different Women Conference and workshops and advocacy trip. She was one of the women activists who launched “People in Politics” initiative, which aimed at empowering women and building their capacities to be able to play an effective role in rebuilding Syria.

Ms. Ghanem has written a number of books and researchers such as “Women Experience with the Justice Transition – Cases from the world” and “The Syrian Refugee in Europe between the Islam hammer and the anvil of democracy”. She also produced a number of training’s manual. 

Ms. Ghanem has a master’s degree in public administration, Diploma in Human Resources, and Bachelor in economic from Damascus university, post graduate diploma in women rights from Lund University in Sweden, and   bachelor’s in education from university of South Denmark.  She is fluent in Arabic, Dansk, and English.

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