Mireille Abi Khalil

Mireille Abi Khalil

At a very early age, I developed an interest in exploring new horizons. I get enthusiastic about learning and unlearning things. I  constantly challenge myself to embrace new learning experiences.

I relied heavily on my senses to do that. This skill was not an asset at school but it helped me in my life and work.

As a special educator, I assist individuals with diverse needs to own their learning process and become independent. I help them to appreciate what they can do, rather than focusing on what they cannot achieve. 

For years, I promoted equality in my community. I believed that people must be treated the same way. My work as a special educator made me realize the importance of equity. I understood that each one of us is unique and has diverse abilities. Providing equal support does not ensure fairness.

On the other hand, a differentiated approach is an efficient pathway to fairness. This shift in my mindset prepared me for my career with civil society organizations. Well, learning is life.

Through this life journey, I earned certifications in project management, inspiring leadership, programming for change, and teaching adult learners. I worked with different educational institutions, including Lebanese university, private schools, rehabilitation facilities for adolescents at social risk, and with national and  international non-profit organizations. I was responsible for coordinating services, facilitating workshops, managing departments, leading teams, designing educational and psychosocial curricula, and providing consultancy services related to organizational development and a participatory approach to project design.  It is where I am now. Who knows where I will be tomorrow?

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