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IMPACT is seeking two individual researchers/consultants to join the research team. The researchers will be working closely with the lead researcher to produce research papers for two papers on the economic impact of nonprofit sector in Syria.
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Research project: Economics of civil society and non-profit sector in Syria

Researcher Terms of Reference

Closing date: July 10th, 2022 at 06:00 PM CET
Career categories: Research.
Job type: Consultancy.
Job duration: approximately 15 working days, between August and December 2022.
Estimated starting date: August 1st, 2022.

IMPACT – Civil Society Research and Development e.V., founded in Berlin in 2013, is a non-profit, civil society organization. With a team based across Europe, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq, IMPACT aims for a globally active and well-connected civil society as a cornerstone for social and political change. To this end, IMPACT provides long-term, balanced support to individuals and organizations in both conflict and stable countries through development, dialogue, and social engagement. IMPACT places a significant emphasis on its research component.

Project’s background: Building upon the findings of previous research Invisible Sanctions: How over-compliance limits humanitarian work on Syria- Challenges of Fund Transfer for Non-Profit Organizations Working on Syria, IMPACT will conduct a research project on the economics of humanitarian and civil society support that will evaluate the impact of aid on the local economy after a decade of conflict.

This research project will look at the aid and development industry from an economic perspective. It will also study the local markets and evaluate the imprint of the non-profit sector on socio-economic change beyond the direct project goals.

The research focuses on Syria as a case study for countries that are highly dependent on foreign assistance during violent conflict, with comparisons to similar cases from other countries.

The research project follows a participatory process-oriented approach, including researchers and experts from various related fields whose involvement will inform the research design and implementation. This will include refining the research questions, designing specific methodologies for each topic, ensuring synergy and compatibility across topics, identifying topics for ad-hoc policy papers, accumulating sources of secondary data, and enhancing outreach to various stakeholders. 

The intended output of the research project consists of three related research papers, covering the following three sub-topics:

  1. Framework: Economic weight and relevant characteristics of the non-profit sector.
  2. Relationships and Dynamics: The non-profit sector in local economies.
  3. Longer-term impact of the non-profit sector / economic imprint of civil society activities.

In addition to the development of the research papers, the project will include convening a series of workshops (4-6) with a wide array of stakeholders. The workshops will take the form of experts round tables to feed into research development, as well as dissemination workshops to share results with relevant stakeholders.

The project’s timeline is twelve months, with the first paper due within six months, and the remaining two papers the tenth month of the project life span. It is anticipated that the last two months will be dedicated to publication and dissemination of the research outputs.

The vacancy:

For this project, IMPACT is seeking two individual researchers/consultants to join the research team. The researchers will be working closely with the lead researcher to produce research papers for the second and third sub-topics (see above in project’s background), and according to the general research framework established by the lead researcher.  

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate with lead researcher and IMPACT team to finalize paper methodology.
  2. Develop work plan and data collection tools as per the final methodology.
  3. Conduct relevant desk review, and contribute to data collection.
  4. Oversight over field teams for primary data collection, in coordination with IMPACT research team.
  5. Conduct data analysis as per the approved methodology, and in close coordination with the lead researcher.
  6. Draft a final research report (up to 20,000 words), and finalize per feedback and input from lead researcher and reviewers.
  7. Participate in workshops and meetings held as part of the project activities.

Profile and eligibility:

Required qualifications:
1. degree in social sciences, economics, political sciences, or relevant fields.

  1. Proven experience in economic research.
  2. Proven experience in conducting remote-research and in work in a conflict area, especially the Syrian context.
  3. Previous research experience in the non-profit sector NPO.

Personal Attributes:

  • Strategic thinking and forward planning.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills: ability to build and maintain professional and positive relations with trainers, colleagues, researchers, partners, and donors.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills: the ability to anticipate, pre-empt and solve problems (risk mitigation).
  • Excellent organizational skills and good follow-through.
  • Excellent command of written and conversational Arabic and English.


Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated based on the following methodology:
Contract will be awarded to the applicant who received the highest score of weighted technical and financial criteria as following:

Technical criteria weight: 80%
Financial criteria weight: 20%



Maximum Points

Technical offer



1.       Academic qualification: background in economics or related fields

1: no proof of academic background
2: Academic degree in unrelated field
3: Bachelor degree in related field
4: Master’s degree in related field
5: PHD in related field


2.       Previous experience in economic research and the NPO sector

1: No proof of past experience in the related field
2: proof of engagement with at least one research project in the related field 3: proof of three previous research projects on related filed
4: proof of more than three research engagement on topics related to NPO sector
5: proven specialization and research focus on the NPO sector


3.       Proof of experience in working in conflict setting, and especially understanding the Syrian context

1.       No previous experience in working in the Syrian context or similar conflict-settings.

2.        Previous experience in conflict settings, no Syrian specific experience

3.       Knowledge and understanding of Syrian context. No prior research experience in this context

4.       at least one previous experience working in the Syrian context

5.       track record of previous experience (at least three projects) in research related to the Syrian context


4. Understanding of ToR (Technical offer in comparison to tasks outlined in ToR)


1: Technical offer is irrelevant to ToR
2: Technical offer is related to the topic of the research as per the ToR
3: Technical offer covers general topics included in ToR
4: Technical offer outline clearly some tasks from the ToR
5: Technical offer covers all tasks included in ToR


5. Methodological approach


1: technical offer doesn’t include methodological approach
2: technical offer includes methodological approach, but irrelevant to topic
3: Technical offer includes a suitable overall approach
4: Technical offer include methodological approach including data sources and analytical framework
5: Technical approach provides innovative detailed methodological approach.



How to apply:

Interested applicants who meet the above-mentioned criteria and qualifications are invited to submit an offer using the annexed application form, along with a detailed resume and sample of previous work. Applications must be submitted using the attached form to be considered. Other forms or templates will not be considered.

Technical offer should include the proposed methodological approach and anticipated level of effort in days. The applicant should also include a clear reference to a selection of one research paper per the sub-topics detailed above.

Financial offers should indicate a clear daily rate, and an estimated total amount based on 15 working days and any other related costs. Please see the financial offer section of the application form for more information.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] including “economic of nonprofit sector- researcher” in the subject line. Noting that any application sent to other channels will not be considered. 

Application deadline is July 10th, 2022Any application beyond this deadline will not be considered.


Questions and/or clarification request about these vacancies can be sent to [email protected] no later than July 5th, 2022, at 6:00 pm CET.

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